EAVEVENT   system of soffit ventilation may be used with flat or pitched roofs and continues day & night with equal efficiency at no operation cost whatsoever.

SUMMER  air movement above the ceiling reduces the effect of heat penetration from the sun.   This movement keeps the interior of the building cooler during the day and prevents condensation forming at night on ceiling or insulation.

WINTER air movement prevents warm moist air from oil and gas heaters, bathing, washing, ironing etc.,  accumulating about the ceiling.   Moisture is unable to form on ceiling insulation thereby maintaining maximum insulating effect.

EAVEVENT  is manufactured from ASBESTOR FREE Fibre Cement Sheet either  Wallboard  or  Cladding and is approved by Housing Authorities.


SLOTTING DETAILS:-  Slot 75mm gap 30mm Slot 75mm at 75mm Centers


LENGTHS: 3000 2700 2400 2100 1800 1500mm

WIDTHS: 1200 900 750 600 450 300mm

THICKNESS: 4.5 and 6.0mm


Standard as above - 75mm Slot - 30mm Gap - 75mm Slot at 75mm centres

Design Standard meets Queensland Housing Commission

Odd sheet sizes and other slot lengths and margins are processed against Firm order. All Eavevent is manufactured specially to order and IS NOT RETURNABLE.





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